Earpick Groom: Parson

Only you can't see how the creature is growing.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Japan
Executive Creative Directors: Shingo Ichimura, David Morgan
Copywriters: Hono Nakano, Motonori Sugiyama
Art Director: Tatsuya Kuritsuka
Photographer: Makoto Horiuchi
Post Producers: Takashi Horiguchi, Takashi Taniai


guidodonadio's picture
43 pencils

I just don´t get it...the ear is completly full of wax?

magdalen_o's picture
6 pencils

i don't get it either.
is it's ear groom, why the bodycopy is 'you can't see'

jinfan102's picture
160 pencils

I don't know if I got this right.
I have too much ear wax, it's growing into a monster. But I can't see it, because it's in my ear. Only other people can see it. The priest sees it, and uses the cross to protect himself from my ear-wax-Frankenstein. Is this it?!?!

Butterflea's picture
40 pencils

think so.
Or the priest could be trying to exorcize the ear-wax-frankie -therefore would he be a funny alternativ to the earpick-groom

Bill Me Now's picture
Bill Me Now
178 pencils

I get it- i just don't like it. It hits me like a lame joke. Seems the entire direction was misguided. I feel that the reaction to unsightly wax build-up would be one of disgust rather than fear.

manoranjanpattanayak's picture
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hey what yeh ads so cool
and good to get knowlege

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