Dymatize Xpand: Train

One scoop of Xpand and by the time they hear you coming it will be too late.
The powerhouse combination of arginine, creatine, and glutamine will increase blood flow, flood your body with power and nutrients, and help create an unlimited muscle growth explosion. Available in a variety of awesome flavors, Xpand tastes incredible and mixes instantly. Try Stacking with Xpand caplets, available in 84 or 240 count, for a perpetual pump cycle like no other. Get industrial strenght. Get Xpand.

Advertising Agency: LEVELTWO, Dallas, USA
Creative Director / Art Director:
Scott Crowell
Copywriter: Lindsey Struznik
Illustrator: Kyle Lane Dreher
Photographer: George Kamper
Published: August 2008


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Karma Police, arrest this ad, it talks in maths. :)

This is what you get...

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This campaign reminds me of baseball cards I used to have about 10-15 years ago. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I always thought the art was cool.

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Plagio, en una pelicula de stan lee sale un heroe con una pelota de futbol americano


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1951 pencils

Very bad Photoshop. (And Idea.)


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