Durex: Pool

Now with even stronger vibrations

Durex Play Ultra provides 40 minutes of direct vibrating stimulation for both him and her. To demonstrate that Durex Play Ultra has a new, stronger, exceptionally powerful attached vibrating penis ring, we created a scene that talks both to the target audience’s sense of humour, as well as their functional needs. We see a house at night. The lights are on so we know people are at home. In the foreground, we see that their lit swimming pool is full of vibrations and ripples. As no one is in the pool, we know that the earth must literally be vibrating, causing the water to ripple and shake. Clearly, Durex Play Ultra’s vibrations are so strong that it has caused the ground to shake.

Advertising Agency: Morrisjones&co, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Margarita Karvouniaris
Art Director: Bernie Da Silva
Copywriter: Michelle Kreuiter
Illustrator: Rob Frew
Photographer: Getty Images
Additional credits: Louise Boxall-Davies
Published: June 2010


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Why the long explanation? The ad speaks for itself.

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Explanation is really funny. It's like telling your CD about what is an idea you have (without having a picture).

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Is it a lay-out or what?

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Jurassic Park :)

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implicittttt !

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worst photoshop ever

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bad photoshop

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hate this ad!!!!!!!!! poor execution on all aspects! lol! Jurassic Park, that's a big ass vibrator

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any advert that needs a long explanation must be weak. if the people in the ad were shagging in the house, then surely the epicenter of the vibrations could not be in the middle of the pool.

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wouldve been good with better photography & post prod, ideas nice tho

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I chuckled when I saw this, but I think it was more for the idea of the vibrator going off in the pool ( don't ask me how it would be working in water). Causing that much tremor from within the house is just as funny too. Hyperbole put to good use.

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