Durex Condoms: Feather, Mission

Zero degrees of separation

Advertising Agency: 3-Sixty Brand Communications, Singapore
Senior Art Director: Stez Chong
Art Director: WinCannie Jap
Published: November 2010


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fala fulani
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Very nice.

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Really cool and simple.

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Nude Copy
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many people said goodmorning and a person said good day. i remebr that one person. and i will remember dis ad

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The visual doesn't connect with the concept, unfortunately. It's trying to say "ultra thin," but feathers aren't a symbol of "thin," they're a symbol of light weight.

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Dat Le
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I totally agree. I was confused for a bit.

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Worst Durex campaign I've seen.

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probably another scam. atl for condoms is not allowed in singapore. as opposed to this one, there was a good campaign from UK 'love needs distance'

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I really like the copy, especially when "6 degrees of separation" is kind of a big thing now

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