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good one

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sorry, no.

im a biker and a ducati fan and i do not like this ad.
btw, ducati ownership is much more than just wanting a fast bike...

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Great ad for a fast bike. but i agree ducatis are more about style, they are the gucci of the bike world.

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don't know why

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yeah... i ride bikes and this ad just doesn't do it. a bit too... simple and focuses too much on the aspect of speed, which isn't the biggest/only reason to own a bike. if they wanted to focus on speed, they should've made it a bit more absurd and make the roads more friendly/fun to ride on. ok idea, just isn't pushed far enough.

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I kinda like it.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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hum ,the google earth may be a nice source for this kind of aviation photo

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very basic. nothing creative. not at all great

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Ducati owners are all "players"??? they ought to have more class than that! I rather focus on the pride and history of the brand.

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If you take the country and target audience, I suppose it's more about convenience than speed.
I'm a biker in Venezuela and owning a motorcycle here is about cutting through traffic to avoid the endless traffic jams of Caracas (I've heard Sao Paulo is pretty chaotic as well). An example: on a normal weekday, the ride to and from the office would take me about 45 minutes (one day it took me 1.30 hours), on the bike it takes me 15 minutes tops, normally 10.
When people hear i own a bike all they say is "you must get everywhere pretty fast".

Having said that, this ad could work for any motorcycle brand, or style. I don't believe it builds anything for ducati.

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Hmm I thought it was an ad for a tracking device. Like he's checking where all the girlfriends so he doesn't get caught.

Good idea I guess, but focuses on speed and kinda conveys that it's okay to cheat if you've got a fast bike to pull it off with.


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