Dublin City Council: Second Hand Trash, Food

Free second hand take away.
Nobody wants your litter. Bin it.

Advertising Agency: Publicis QMP, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Ger Roe
Art Director: John Kilkenny
Copywriter: Des Creedon
Photographer: Adrian Stewart


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Very nice campaign
AD is poor though


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burger king pale copy logo

Im not sure if they will like it haha

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Elmārs Ārnieks
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this is very boring

Life is a joke. Laugh.

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aji pam
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the idea is quiet good - but people will walk away within a second - nothing interesting there!...

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A very good litter campaign is this:
Take a look!

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I like the idea, but actually in many countries there are beggars who ask for and take your food after you are done in fast food restaurants. Maybe in Ireland, not.

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