Duane Reade: Taxicabs

Prescriptions. Easier to get than

Advertising Agency: DeVito/Verdi, USA
Creative Director: Sal DeVito
Art Director: Manny Santos
Copywriter: Eric Schutte
Photographer: stock

July 2009


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This could easily be an anti-perscription drug abuse headline.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Ok campaign but art doesn't look convincing

had they worked on art, it could have been a better campaign


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Not until they found some real headlines. Art direction is nothing without a compelling thought, whether it's in the headline or the visual.

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Algunos títulos son inteligentes. Otros, forzados. Eliminaría un par de piezas. Aveces menos es más.

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no wonder they could afford that many with such bad lines and horrible stock photography I'm amazed they didn't do 100

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Sirvan, with the marriage of copy and visual, I think it's completely understood and very nicely fits the Duane Reade brand.

Roling.stone, I would disagree with you. I think the art direction is simple, clean, classy and very New York.

I love this campaign. http://post.ly/6htJ


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wow... it's either you're really diplomatic or have a bird brain. i've seen more witty, insightful and better crafted student work from freaking china. seriously dude and sirvan, with all due respect, you guys are insulting the intelligence of the campaign creators without knowing it with your goody two shoe comments.

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