DSCF/COI: Mouths

Get talked about. Don't use a condom.
Want respect? Use a condom.

Advertising Agency: DLKW, UK
Creative Director:s Rj Warren, Paul Hancock
Art Director: Dylan Hewitt
Copywriter: John Comber
Illustrators: Ryca, Jimi Crayon, Teck 1, Alfa
Photographer: Angus Fraser


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good one too!


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nice nice!~

STFU and Make the Logo BIGGER!

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The drawings on the wall's kinda scary lol but good one :]

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I like the visual, but I don't know about the message. I almost think that it encourages women to do it in the road if they please and it seems to encourage sleeping with as many people as they like as long as they use a condom.

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