DRL: Glucometer, 3

Don't give Diabetes that fat chance
Obese people are more prone to insulin resistance and therefore diabetes.
Don't let the sugar level increase beyond 140 mg/dL.
Check for Diabetes in case of obesity.

Advertising Agency: Greenroom Advertising, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Maheindra Thakur
Art Director: Maheindra Thakur
Copywriter: Prasad Pradhan
Visualizer: Sachin Lambole
Account Head: Nikhil Ameer, Priyanka sRai
Published: March 2010


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Er, 'fat chance' means 'slim chance' (believe it or not!).

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Phil Lestino
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so we have blue for a boy...pink for a girl and black for???/

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Not bad! good idea...

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ek kanya
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good idea. true.

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