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unbelieveable... what was the reason to showcase these? really, its just a question? its not cutting any new ground, not only that, the lines a boring, the AD is Channel4 style, its dull and boring to look at. And Im not getting anything out what im reading. So this is what it takes to be a Creative director. Someone paint the walls with my brains please!

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this is real low life shit. it makes me want to go out to Soho, get pissed then glass someone. its that unsuccessful.

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'i see you like to recycle. (wow, you drink alot)' aaaa WHAT!!!!?

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The General

I think it's safe to say that the person responsible for the words is not a copywriter - truly appalling.

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Terrible copy. Could have done something good with these.

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A targeted campaign aimed at 35 - 45 year olds drinking wine at home, not a campaign aimed at urbanites drinking in pubs.


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I think that either their hands were tied back or they were pissed themselves. It seems like a good product. Im sure you could have improved it and written something like, NO DRINK TOO MUCH. or DONT DRINK, THATS FOR DRUNKS. or how about, weed is better! :-s

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Guest commenter

What do you think the 'product' is exactly?

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its not worth the thought... i am driving and past the ad at a moderate 35mph, its a 30 limit, so im a bit drunk, sorry bout that, so i didnt see or get nothing. I would like to be nice, but this kind of work should not make the grade of ads of the WORLD! they are low grade excuses for communication. The sad thing is, I actually want to know what the product is, but Ive just pulled in to the White Horse pub drive. So fuck it.

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