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brits should stop making ads

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With London being the hotspot for advertising in the world I rather think you should stop posting comments!!

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this ad has way too many shit to look at.

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Pharmaceutical advertising (In the UK) is governed by strict rules which are regulated by organisations such as the ABPI (and many more). The majority of the shit you refer to has to be there by law. The art is engaging the reader (in this case a GP) and asking him to think about the patient sitting infront of him and then associating his condition with the brand the company is trying to push. The opportunity to creatively disappear up your own back package is rarely available.

I know that this particular campaign works very well (No - I had nothing to do with it, but I'd love the business) and it talks to it's intended audience successfully - resulting in sales (which someone told me once was the idea with advertising!).

And for other posters on this site - we Brits still rule the

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I have a new pet peeve: Ads with the little to-do/vote/grocery list note thing attached! Especially in this one...what the heck is a paper clip doing in the middle of the freakin' photo?! Is this a new kind of sticky glue paper clip? Cause if it is, that's what the ad should be about! A NEW MULTI-PURPOSE, MULTI-SURFACE, ADHERE-ALL PAPER CLIP! It's not really necessary, mentioning Parkinson's disease with the image is good enough.

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Very nice emotional photography. The impact was destroyed by the bad layout... and the shitty note at the top. Too bad. This one really had potential.

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great concept but somehow not impressing much because of bad layout or too much stuffed in i feel like copy of the ad needs breathing but i can understand sometimes we just have to follow up the client's demand of fitting all things in one. If that what happens here than why to criticize othewise they could have balance the copy a bit making it more appealing