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The student work has a more interesting visual...but in both cases i don't see what they mean.
With this gear you'll be closer to nature? is that it?

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youve got to wonder how many good ideas are ripped off from students hitting around their work to agencies.

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so true it hurts the heart.

... its already been done...

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this is not how i want to spend my camping holiday.
i agree, the message's not that clear and that line doesn't really explain it either.

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what a coincidence.

'great minds think alike'

very alike

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jaa!! que??

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bright rhino
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The student visuals look much, much better than these. They work best as a photographic series. Don't try and force fit them into an ad.

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Ivan?? Are you going to respond?

We've seen a lot of ideas borrowed and even the same ideas thought up without realising it - which really is just the nature of advertising.

But personally, seeing this sort of blatant stealing makes me sick. Why are we hero'ing this campaign on 'Ads of the World'?

If it wasn't so publicly humiliating for Leo Burnett South Africa, I'd suggest taking it down.

Shame, Shame, Shame!

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who's heroing it?

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Ron Jeremy
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Yeah. It's a crying shame when creatives just trawl the net ripping off other people's ideas. I mean change it by fifty percent at least. But just slapping on a logo and a lame line is plain lazy. We all see this stuff on youtube or we get emailed it long before some hungover creative decides to rip it off.

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Its unfortunate it happens, theres not much we can do about it except, try not to do it ourselfs and name and shame someone who does it.

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ron jeremy on aotw? OMFG! OMFG!

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Just hurry up and club it to death before it gets away.

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