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Oh, what does the tagline say my Brazilian and Portuguese friends?

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Tilibra is a brand of spiral notebooks, scrapbooks and more. They doesn't made pens.

The tag says: Pages are stories.

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Thanks a lot guys!

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It means: "Pages are stories"

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Something like "sheets tell stories" (the word by word translation would be "sheets are histories").

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The tagline says "Pages are stories".
And in the pen it's written (and I think no one had noticed) "One day I will be a draw"

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The translation of the headline can be found below the ad.

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about the pen:
using the pen's mine to integrate the headline is a very nice and witty solution. however, i believe that the pen would have needed to be enlarged in order to read the text.
plus, i would have varied the pens' color once red for the love letter, one blue or green or whatever other color that there is.

about the brand that is represented:
if they do not sell pens, i don't see the point why this ad would have appeared. if it were done for BIC, then it would definitively work, you wouldn't even need a beautifully shot paper background.

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this looks more like a PEN ad than as a paper or books ad.

rethink guys. rethink.

remember what u r selling??

Be awesome :)

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Desagree dude. Pretty simple and good idea. Clean execution. I like it!

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and me disagreed with u too..
its simple and execution is clean... 'cos there is only one pen on a clean paper.. how complicated can it be here..
they are selling spiral notebooks, scrapbooks... so wats so good about them??? what is the different about them?? i agreed with credosian.. i can use these pen to write in any paper or even ON THE WALL since its the INK that will turn into a master piece..
nothing mention about the main product..

"rethink guys. rethink.
remember what u r selling??"

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Nice one.

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Not good

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Where can I buy in US? I found a notebook in a US "Dollar Store" about 4 years ago "Dollar Stores are the absolute lowest end of US retailing. These "Dollar Stores" sometimes get unusual items that they sell for a dollar but the supply is never consistent. Can you tell which US retailer sells Tilibra Notebooks. Thanks.