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Oh my god.

...screw the subtlety, I am heading to Colombia!

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So, whats the implication here?

kok enlargement? (which isn't even close yet)

or lower-limb removal of your woman? (possible for 50+ yrs)

Oooohhh! I know! the doc will conjoin together yourself and a loved one in the position of your choice!


All for only 19.95!

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flower arrangement

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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*sigh* this is so shitty, it's probably gonna work.

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Crisp One
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she looks more frightened than seduced.

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too much text in the book. I liked the campaign though.

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Calling all desperate people who never get laid.

Massive and very painful plastic surgery is all you need?????

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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Disco Munky
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I had sex like that last surgery needed.

This whole campaign is really shallow.

Don't like it myself, but it does answer the brief.....sort of.


"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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No consistent with the others!

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