Dr Morepen, SAT-ISABGOL: Shark

The Natural Laxative

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
National Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Directors: Vivek Nayyar, Vinay Kumari
Art Director: Siddesh Telang
Copywriter: Tejas Ravindranath
Illustrator: Vivek V. Khandgaonkar
Published: November 2009


pez's picture
1733 pencils

strange approach... don't feel very comfortable with it... like the illustrations instead...

mikeelrapido's picture
1929 pencils

Awsome art, but idea is strange..



Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1682 pencils

He has pood his trunks and now the sharks are after him.......must get a bottle!

morse's picture
15910 pencils

Liking the illustration.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

AssassinX's picture
1329 pencils

Feeling sorry for the sharks, lol

Hard to say it's good or not

TheKid's picture
184 pencils

: - 0 no

Rabubi's picture
560 pencils

I think it's fresh. The ideas anyway.

Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

Sorry but i dont like Indian ilustration...and the idea...pufff....

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

like the illustration.

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

Somebody xplain the idea

atb2005's picture
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Constipation can cause flatulence. Holding gas inside, especially when it builds up, can be painful, and is likely to worsen your constipation, I think. There are certain situation in life that cause flatulence too; situations that make you anxious. Since it's hard to visually communicate infrequent or hard bowel movements, the agency decided to show those life situations instead, all tongue in cheek. I agree the visuals could be a little misleading or confusing. Think of releasing gas here as a metaphor for relieved constipation. This is how I see it.

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

oh, i see. Thanks.

ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
814 pencils

chi chi. constipatin need not mean flatulance

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