Downy: Red

Don’t let your washing machine make you uncomfortable.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio
Art Director: Diego Rubio
Copywriter: Coco Olivera


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all three are nice. like them.

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this one is funny

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Advertising Pawn
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Nice campaign. Original thought.

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Headline is very nice. Insight as well. Good campaign

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totally diferent aproach...

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Man.. most of you "done" sayers don't even seem to know what an idea is. Please buy a book or before posting

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Sometimes, you guys really need to give all this "DONE" talk a rest. It's a t-shirt, for christ sake! It's a bit like saying that all car ads are the same, because they have a car in them. At the end of the day, all stories have already been told. The job is to tell them in a new way. I'm not supporting plagiarism, but the line is definitely not crossed here.

Rolling Stones have re-recorded the same song for 40 years, and nobody are criticising them for that.

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interesting campaign. kinda like it but it's not a knockout.

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keep the good work rolling!!!

its great. wonderful insight. so true..

and all you dear MR "oh!its DONE".... have a break.

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