Downy: Grey

Don’t let your washing machine make you uncomfortable.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio
Art Director: Diego Rubio
Copywriter: Coco Olivera

March 2008


sumsum's picture
615 pencils

like it some way. new insight of feeling uncomfortable with cloth

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Looks great, nice job.

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Ed Mintone
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Bueno Grey, bueno

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yep. I like it to althought it seems little bit overpromising. In fact this is what makes it really good. Nice kind of absurdity.

monicamexico's picture
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I think I see where you're going, but the writing is bad.

sumsum's picture
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it's a totally different idea. c'mon! dont just post "DONE" without thinking a second...

hoperator's picture
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its a different idea

idt's picture
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there has to be a law about this "DONE" business, cuz it's about the most irritating comment ever.

And even when ppl put "DONE DONE DONE" and they give an example, and then it turns out the example does not even match the featured ad, then it becomes irritating and a waste of time.

sumsum's picture
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you're soooooo right!

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Miss Candy Pop
58 pencils

I like them, they are clever.

ManchuChanchu's picture
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I don't get these can someone please explain the idea?

a2o's picture
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Its different campgn... NOT GREAT by any standard though...

poojagadodia's picture
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na its not something new....its a regular stuff...not effective enough...

Killer Sambayano's picture
Killer Sambayano
19 pencils

To "Piltrafa" (you´re spanish, aren´t you?). The conection between this ad and the picture you show is true, but I think the idea is completely different. By the same way, we can find the same in an ad where it showed a car..and understand me?

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felo araujo
16 pencils

ta bueno, piltrafa relájate.

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chikirom's picture
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nice, smart, funny and cool! really like it!

Enas's picture
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concept is goooood but it could be better with a new art direction

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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just amazing..

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