Dovre: Enchanting Quality, 2

Dovre its a norwegian underwear brand since 1922. This year the title for the campagin was Enchanting Quality. We tok one of the most known fairy tale character Espen Askeladd, one of his tales and mixed him with the today fashion.

Photographer: Joon Brandt
Additional credits: Øyedrops

February 2010


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can someone please explain the idea...

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Phil Lestino
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Enchanting underwear! So mens underpants are attractive to big nosed giants..a fairytale indeed!

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This one is better.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Somebody has been voting for themselves (multiple times).

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this is not advertising,sorry

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I do understand how pointless this image would seem to someone not familiar with the story:)
The stories about Espen Askeladd (The Ashlad) are known to pretty much all people in Norway, and probably most of scandinavia.
I´m not going to write down the entire story here to explain (it´s long..), but the scene here is from one of the most famous situations he is in, fooling a troll to cut up his own gut.
Most countries do have their own well known folk tales and stories that contains scenes instantly recognized by residents of that country.
As such, the brand Dovre wanted us to do a couple of well known scenes from the stories, and have "Espen" wear Dovre clothes.
Hope that explains a little more of the thought behind the campaign... :)

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see rap

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i dont get it either

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enchanting underwear ????

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I dont like the actor.. He is not at all "in the moment"

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I hate it.

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So Vague

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Sven Gali
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the great art overwhelmed the ad--no sale

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excellent ad


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