Enchanting Quality, 1

February 2010

Dovre its a norwegian underwear brand since 1922. This year the title for the campagin was Enchanting Quality. We tok one of the most known fairy tale character Espen Askeladd, one of his tales and mixed him with the today fashion.

Photographer: Joon Brandt
Additional credits: Øyedrops

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Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
Activity Score 845

Great artwork...really.

uddhav's picture
Activity Score 27


bobby666's picture
Activity Score 1460

decode the idea for me someone...

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684

Even the ttree is yawning!

Direstion's picture
Activity Score 115

I guess he is enchanting bad fairy tale characters?

ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
Activity Score 814

yeah, can someone decode the idea? anything from a popular fable?

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Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3736

The photo of the guy... is forced.

Simple ideas are the best !

mike11's picture
Activity Score 279

I agree with Hibon. Looks stiff, posed & unnatural.

veneg's picture
Activity Score 45

Why is he looking back ?

tchifi's picture
Activity Score 164

I really can't make the link between underwear and enchanting quality.

dsklan's picture
Activity Score 1926

wouldnt it be helpfull to show underwear, if you want to advertise it?

sintra's picture
Activity Score 699

previous art is better. but I still don't think much of the idea

Imagepro's picture
Activity Score 112

It could be so great.. But this does not reflect the famous fable from Norway. The character from the fables are blond and at least 10 years younger.

Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
Activity Score 845

Great artwork...really.


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