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Whatever I say will kill the moment here. So go on, folks, pay your tributes.

(Not saying I don't like it...just that the 'Pro-age' bit sounds a little too petty a word-play)

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I don't doubt it. Just..sayin'

Heck, why be snarky. I like it. I am not too much a fan of the Pro-age usage, but I'll live with it.

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i disagree - its not petty. pro-age is supposed to be empowering, a backlash against what the beauty industry has done to perpetuate insecurity in women who are less that photoshopped perfection.

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I like it a lot, its true, really beautiful and its works for aged tg better then celebrity, who have millions to make cosmetic operations.

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honest work, love it.

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wow. this real beauty campaign is getting ballsier than ever.

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The confident smile really helps sell in this one.


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not to mention the emphasis on that giant ring on her finger, looks like real beauty helps ya bag a rich husband to ;)

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go drown yourself in chemically-laden antiwrinkle cream.

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