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chintan ruparel
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i think its stupid! after reading the copies in the next campaign (transport for london campaign), this seems very childish to me. mayb its not fair to judge that way, besides its a different medium. still, this is not exactly cool. bt its good to see an agency like mudra, mumbai doing creative stuff.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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wow what a waste of money.
i think a thin strip would have done it (not sure if this was possible though)
maybe they could have added some ruler marks, there's way too much white space.
the idea behind it is ok

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I agree to the rulermarks.. it definately adds to the idea..hmm I smell Scam..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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v cool idea.
dont need rulermarks
hmm...must be difficult to get so much space.

great work.

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I like the idea. But really looks like scam.

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for me the idea is pretty smart, but perhaps the art direction can be better.

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been used millon times!

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the ad is in English....the newsprint is not. Pretty sure that answers the question as to whether or not this ad is legit.

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nice use of medium. agreed, thinner ad would have been just as good. if it was a possible buy.


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Hard to believe the client would have paid all this money, for all this white space, for this arguably mediocre idea. I not be knowing?

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actually, fat people don't like to be reminded that they're fat.

so i guess this ad has bigger problems that 'a lot of white space'. (actually, i don't even think white space is a problem)

perhaps focussing on the positives of being slim works better.

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