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I don't really get it. But great work with the robot.

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Dormimundo means Sleep-World, so I guess it´s like the matress company against the powerful alarm clock.

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pura mierda

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Luis Maram
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Great idea, big illustration, poor Typography.

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First off they shuld have made it alittle more cartoon-like if they wanted to use the transformers refference better. Second, they should not have branded the robot, as you can missunderstand what the ad is for. Third, The robot does kind of look like an alarm clock, but it could have been alot clearer, and it could have more of an expression or anger across it's face.

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Got it... But apart frm the good work on the robot by Francisco Concha... there is really nothing to comment on.

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miss placesd logo...and this white panel right down in confusing

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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No pasa nada

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I actually liked it. I would have done a few things diferently, but havent seen this idea before.
Nice print.

¿Is this brand a matress or a matress store?

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I agree, nice ad.
The robot is fantastic.

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Se acabaron las ideas simples.

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abel nunez

como demostración de las habilidades como ilustrador es muy buena la pieza, fuera de eso...

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muy maso

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Dormimundo is Sleep-world, means wake up as powerful as robot.

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Here's when you should notice... you need a better logo, Dormimundo's logo is too old, it might be 40+ years old since they used it(don't know acurately). I did understood the alarm-robot angry faced staring at you like you're good as dead.

But when I saw the dormimundo's logo.. I don't know, didn't liked it, too much emphasis on the robot, but they left the brand appart, maybe a matres with the logo on it could be better.


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