Doritos: Eunice

Eunice wants to make the next Doritos TV ad & win £200k.
Please. Win it before she does.

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Art Director: Tim Vance
Typographer: Aaron Moss
Copywriter: Paul Knott
Planner: Tom White

March, 2010


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Reality Check
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The copy contains sections that make it very good, and a lot of other sections besides. Less is more, Paul.

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I do like the concept, allthough it doesn't give me an instant happy feeling. Perhaps that makes it less suitable for Doritos. Agree with 'Reality Check' on the copy. Photography matches the concept perfectly btw..

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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OK... better now. Kind of work that you have to take your time and look, read and think. (just like french movies:)

Simple ideas are the best !

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ek kanya
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looks good. i mean the ad looks good, but I a, afraid it kind of feeds prejudices.

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how much time do they think a viewer will spend in finding out the detail of this ad?


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Dev Kumar
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British humour? Okay, I get...and it's well executed.

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dont like it just for the fact it would take me a lot of time reading it. I'd just read the main headers and skip the rest.

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Maybe for you it's a lot of time reading it, but the thing is that British culture ADORES to read, so this ad suits it perfectly, I think...

See you on the road...

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Too much text.

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Is this type of competition a pretext to 'not needing creatives'? Well, let's hope not. I ran into several competitions in the music industry that offered prizes for the best remixes of different artists. The prizes were terrible in comparison to this one, however the idea was simply that you would go, spend many hours remixing & mastering someone elses track and that the group would review and give you a detailed comment about your efforts. And if you won, the prize was a 1 day studio recording session and your remix included on some compilation album (ow wow). Turned out that in many cases, they never wrote detailed reviews for the contributors. So you would do what the studios & artists would have had to comission someone to do, fo FREE!
The fact that they are selling it as a 'gateway into advertising fame' - pff! Disgraceful - you need a lot more pencils & lions propping open doorways before you become an Ad god.

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