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What does it mean?! someone to explain?!

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Ideazon creates/sells precision gaming tools, such as high resolution mice which make a big difference when playing, for example, First Person Shooter games (FPS) such as Quake 4. What they're saying with this campaign is that by using Ideazon products, you will be able to "own" all competition, shown here in 3 different visual representations of common slang usage among gamers.

Good campaign, congrats.

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What are the three taunts: balls in a jar (?), ass handed to you and what's this one?

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It's called a wedgie, where you get your underwear pulled over your head. A tactic usually used by bullies on weak kids.

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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah, nice visuals!

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this one is GREAT. the best of three by far.

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