Dometic: Automatic minibars, 3

A minibar you can truly count on.

Dometic is the world leader in hotel minibars. These ads are published in specialist magazines for the hotel industry.

Advertising Agency: FederhenSchneider, Cologne, Germany
Creative Director: Christian Schneider
Art Director: Ingo Pagotto
Copywriter: Hendrik Spree
Illustrator: Manfred Liersam
Account Director: Marco Federhen
Account Manager: Christopher Irle
Production Manager: Amelie Uhlenbrock
Published: June 2013


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nice A.D. and really hard product, so (considering that) it's a good visual solve
the direction they chose to go in with the copy is not good though
"keep track of your guest's drinks and reduce loss" doesnt seem like a good thing to say about your product.
it's better to promote a mini bar in your house to share with your friends not to monitor them and make sure they dont drink you dry

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Rhymie Z
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I'm assuming the product is for hotels, not houses -_-

Rhymie Z

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ahhhh, right. my bad

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Not a bad visual.

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Interesting typography, but was there a specific reason?

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