Domestos: Grim Reaper

Germ Killing Experts

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Action, Durban, South Africa
Creative Director: Cameron Krieger
Art Director: Dylon Dreyer
Copywriter: Tyrone Andrey
Illustrator: Ferdinand Dick
Published: June 2012


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Realy good idea! I like it!

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Han Zhonghua
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?¿ not a good idea..

"Just one Idea can change everything"

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Chaminda Rathnayake

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With all the colored robes, I thought it was a clothes washing detergent they were advertising.

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yeah, makes the ad a bit confusing.

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Before you can have the Grim Reaper (a personification of death) you have to have death itself.
A Grim Reaper harvest souls, he does not cause death. So in this context- Domentos doesn't kill the germs?

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To 'Tayutau', I think you're being too logical, even though your logic seems wrong. Do you think that dogs really talk when you see a talking dog in an ad?

Personally, I think that the use of the various colours of the bottles is brilliant - when I see the bottles in-store I can only think of death now.

Go team Death!

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Sophie Campbel
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i dont no

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