September 2007



Cutting edge, slightly eccentric and very confident, Harvey Nichols never takes itself too seriously. So therefore it is the playground for fashion-conscious grown-ups.

This ad was made to launch the autumn/winter women¹s collection. A real woman was shot wearing elements of the new seasons and through painstaking retouching, she was given the appearance of a playful doll.

Must must haves.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Tequila Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Mark Ringer
Creative Director: Bosco Yau
Art Directors: Tony Tsang, Flora Tsui
Copywriter: Mark Ringer
Account handlers: Joanne Lao, Florence Kong, Pauline Wong
Photographer: Connie Ki

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What in tarnation?
She musta gone bull riding the night before.

Craig davids's picture
Craig davids

Why not use a real doll? Makes no sense.

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Activity Score 1147

I'm with craig. isn't it a bit roundabout way?...anyway, I'm o.k. with this ad. Nothing extraordinary, but works. Solid art direction, too.

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Activity Score 1504

The whole thing could be more stylish and still look like a spoiled pretty doll.

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ad pedant
Activity Score 58

Given the high fashion style that Harvey Nichols have used in some of their other ads, this is a huge let-down for me... and I have to agree that it really doesn't matter a toss whether it's a retouched photo of a real woman or not - it looks like a doll so without the explanation (that adds nothing anyway unless they're just showing off their "painstaking retouching") I'm going to think it's a doll.

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

The others are from DDB London and they hire photographers like Dimitri Daniloff for the shots... so no wonder why they look better. Am not saying that this is bad, but it looks like a follower of the London campaigns. These guys should try to find a different approach.

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I'm not sure but I think I'm feeling a little offended...women who shop are like dolls? Eh.

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porque esa pose?

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“Playful should be the key word to use to describe the idea of this ad. Insight behind was about how kids would played with their doll; covering them with tonnes of different sparkling prom dress, with millions of accessories hanging on thier neck and ears; putting all those they counted as nice onto their doll and were so enjoyed playing with their overly dressed ones.

It is an unique way to portray the childhood mindset of the grown-ups, how they often shop like a kid when they are surrounded by tonnes of heart-felt items, all itmes were must have itmes. Shopping somehow could be overly fun,
once u found a place like such, u will act like one.”

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Go for it
Activity Score 23

No offense..guess people might not be too familar with the executional can you use a real doll to all these postures??? Execellent retouching!!

Guess the idea wasnt about women who shop are like dolls..but its about the playfullness they have when they shop!!! Agreed with is a very clever way to demonstrate grown-up mindset!

Liked the idea!!!

VampTTT's picture

What in tarnation?
She musta gone bull riding the night before.