Dojo115: Rock 'n Roll is back in Advertising

No idea means no job. We hate the word “passion”- this ain’t no Fifty Shades of Grey, you wussies! Every idea better be different - or we don’t get paid. Individually, we’ve won a shit load of awards: We don’t make kak. Nooit. For nobody. (But look, we are negotiable).

Advertising Agency: Dojo115, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Marais Janse Van Rensburg, Adam Wittert
Art Director: Marais Janse Van Rensburg
Illustrator: Marais Janse Van Rensburg
Photographer: Des Ellis
Producer: Candice Collet / RHO
Retoucher: George / Hue Grey
Styling: Leksa Menzies
Guns: Southern Arms
Published: October 2012