Döhler: Wolf

Döhler Embroidery products. Even what's scary is cute.

Advertising Agency: D/Araújo, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director: Edu Borges
Art Director / Illustrator: Alexandre Amaral
Copywriter: Igor Becker
Photographer: Jeferson Caldart

January 2007


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LOL.. simple, but I feel, effective!.. Kinda cute too

When Life gives you lemons, grab the salt & tequila & call me over!!

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aliás...sempre gostei!

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divertido. jajajaja

[ http://eltubedeyou.blogspot.com ]

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I like the art direction and the line, but what does it say about the products? Is the hobby of embroidery intimidating?

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Awwwwwwe, teeny wittle overalls! *melts*

I don't get it - is everything they embroider "Cute"?

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Neil Levy
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i like these. sure, they're a little spec feeling (6 ads for a client with no budget to probably run one) but they're well executed and i think a simple idea. just like steve martin said "you can't write a sad banjo song" so i forgive it. and also, in your efforts to make your book better any client big or small is fair game. so nice job. one question: wondering why the whole ad isn't embroidered. why is there a floating line of type on it. wouldn't it have made sense to embroider every detail? art directors should write back as i'd love to see their opinions.
be well,

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I agree art directionally everything should have been embroidered. It might have been cool if it was on that round thing that they use with some stuff half finished and thread hanging down etc they should have really pushed it, because to be honest I think the art direction is the only thing this ad has, (or would have rather) going for it. That line doesn't make any sense to me maybe it's lost in translation.

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Embroidery products? I don't think so.

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R. Rinaldi
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mais fraco que caldo de bila.

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