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tell me if i'm wrong but the headline font looks rather hebrew to me...

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its is hebrew... i can speak little of this ugly language!!!! but its been placed upside down....
anyway i dont get the ad?????

| Everartz |

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Its not hebrew. The typeface is hebrew like but its written in spanish (the ad is from mexico). Whats with the racist behavior anyway?? people like you make the world as it is today.

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i know it's not hebrew :)
that's what i tried to say, it's a font that resembles hebrew writing.

maybe the illustrators thought it's arabic

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Most typefaces are hebrew, some are upside down, the "R" is a hebrew fantasy mix, the "A" is not hebrew. I speak this wonderful language - but I can't read this - although I know it is meant to be spanish.
If people don't know what ther're doing, they should better do nothing.

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everybody needs to chill. lets not bring this racism bollocks onto this site... please.

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Fully agree.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Me too

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another laden? overused!

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