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For what ellipsis at the end? Just one final point. But I liked it.

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I don't get it. How does the visual support the copy? If I am sending the painting on the left, why does it look different on the right? Seems to me it has not been delivered like I sent it..

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yes, even i have the same question?

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its common......

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Visual wins. But visual+tagline fails, which practically makes it a big fail.



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"delivers like you send"...

is it " like you send" is from a good painting into a broken painting?

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The thing is - it functions inversivly: when you give somebody something valuable - you want it to be secured, but the thought of something would happen remains - this ad point on the poor case of delivery ( when the painting was, most likely, substituted by the fake)? and tells you (subject of the ad) that this company knows about such possibility ( by this it gains in credibility) and the tag line reassures you that "THIS" ( depicted by the image itself) not gonna happen... the joke in the structure of the ad ( discrepancy of the paintings) is rather targeted on people who are frequently faced with delivery...

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