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Frits Harkema
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It's Volkswagen. And Brasil. So it's a Cannes Lion. Even if it's a dog.

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Very nice photo. But I'm sorry did I missed something in this ad? don't get it at all...

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and the point is... the connect to the product benifit is atleast a 100 light years away.

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Uh, no it's not.

Follow your instincts >> Go out in the sun >> Buy a car with a sun roof.

Pretty straight forward, IMO.

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Yeah Right! Like the Dogs gonna buy the Car instinctively.

"Wag To go, Doggy!"

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Y el perro qué??????

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No it's not:

Follow your insticts>> Go out in the sun >> buy a convertible

see that makes sense too. Moreover if at all I need to showcase affinity towards sunlight, i would rather show an allegator or a plant... but a DOG. comeon.
The Dog out here a weak link between the product and its benefit.

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Hey, one step ahead, please return five houses in this game. : )

Just kiddin.

My dogs love to take a nap at the sun. This ads work very well.

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My cats do the same but I still agree with everybody that thinks this is really far to get it. Come on, this is an ad, not a puzzle game.

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For me is Crystal Clear.

Or, like one of my ex-cd say: surfer's proof.

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follow the light doggy - just follow it.

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ya entiendo.

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Don Rapper
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i think if you have to explain an ad, it doesn't work... most people don't take a minute to look an ad, so the message has to go through quickly... for me, it doesnt work. But the look of the ad is very nice.

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Cannes 2008.
No matter what you think.

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Don Rapper
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right... because it doesnt matter what people think in advertising....
you must be a very very bad creative then...

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If you've ever had a dog or cat, it will be very clear. Buuuut, connection to product is weak.

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The titel is off Ivan. It's a Volkswagen, not a Volswagen. Or maybe it's just a VW.

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Are you guys freaking crazy? This is too good! I don´t think you got the "follow your instincts" idea. Animals don't think, they have instincts, they like the sun. My dog goes outside at the same time everyday to take a sunbath. Human-beings think AND have instincts. It basically says, follow the instincts!

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