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The more I see these ads, the less they appeal to me. Although the visual style is alright, there's a disconnect between that and the message. The message itself is misleading and inaccurate so, on the whole, it's unlikely that this ad would be successful.

I understand that there are certain drugs that can increase the cases of you harming others as much as yourself, by inhibiting certain receptors or flooding your skull box with blockers as I like to say, but this ad doesn't tackle the real danger of drug use, which is ignorance. This just reinforces what we already know or believe to be true instead of making us take notice.

"stay low, move fast"

People talking about this here, doesn't mean this ad worked. It just means that we need to get back to work.

Who want's to trade a corporate re-brand for some T.V? Any takers? No? Well screw you guys. ;)

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