Doctors of the World, Netherlands: Perspective

This poster hangs on the wall of waiting rooms at the doctor. This way we let Dutch people know how privileged they are when it comes to medical care, and thus how appropriate it would be for them to help Doctors of the World help the less privileged.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Laurens Boschman
Executive Creative Director: Lorenzo de Rita
Art Director: Laurens Boschman
Copywriter: Joost van Praag Sigaar
Account Handling: Willem Nas, Eefje Beekmans
Published: September 2007


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¡Cuba 170:1!

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Very clever!

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It's a typo. Instead of a '.' there should be a ',' the large numbers. Unless they write numbers like that in the Netherlands.

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Yes, they DO WRITE numbers like that, in matter of fact, most countries do.

I like a lot this ad, I'm not sure if in the Netherlands they'll get the message,but I'm sure Cubans and Russians will.

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so what would the number per doctor in holland be

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Joost van Praag...

It's indeed not a typo. In the Netherlands, as in other European countries, we use the dot to seperate large numbers although one is also allowed to use a comma. We actually never thought of the fact that this might be different somewhere else but you are probably right: in the US one always uses the comma. Well, not with us.

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Great idea and good execution.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Its a good idea, but its not specific to the Netherlands.

It could work for any of the most developed countries.

To be great, it needs to speak more to the Dutch than everyone else.

It doesn't right now.

We're going to need more lube.

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Reg Bryson cover

Very good idea, execution is perfect.

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i would like to see a similar map, but with information on how many of these inhabitants can afford or even have access to medical care.

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b b b b b boooooooooring

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Thanks for clearing that up.

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The period in the numbers is not a typo, but the possessive "area's" in the copy is...

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yet another reason to move my kids and myself to europe...

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where is the dominican republic???? i need to know their's!!!!

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cuba rocks, they win! better tehn europe!!!

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What do I need to do to respect copyrights if I want to use this poster in a scholarship film project?

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That is a very scare picture. Only one doctor per 50.000 citizens some places in Africa.

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I want one! Not really sure why 'cause I'm sure it won't really work - but it's cool!
Can you buy them in-store or what?

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50,000 people per doctor: This is totally insane.

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It's amazing how many doctors there are out there. and yet so many people still die.

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