DKT Prudence Flavoured Condoms: Living Room

Be the lover.

Advertising agency: Z+, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Alan Strozenberg
Creative Director: Leonardo Macias
Copywriter: Americo Vizer
Art Director: Luigi Alliegro
Photographer: Marco Mendes
Illustrator: Boreal
Art Buyer: Alice Imamura
Account Supervisor: Marilia Martins
Advertiser's Supervisor: Daniel Marun
Account Manager: Olivia Pereira
Planner: Rodrigo Cerveira


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598 pencils

deja vu anyone?

different idea but same execution

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am with simonds08

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DEJA VU? Are you sure? This came dec 2010, the honda dec 2011.

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598 pencils

your link doesn't go anywhere... and it is in spanish.

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At least two of the ads had males that were not super duper hunky....

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Roger Keynes
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Be the "uncle".

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Not so bad

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Dharmesh aka danny
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Be a king of lust. Not a good idea.

Dharmesh Padia

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