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Explain please.

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MarioLuigi Bros
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the link is much nicer and understandable.
i still dont get this one? does it stop fluff from getting caught into the fabric?

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even if its adopted from that (i hope its not), its far better.

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Ron Burgundy
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tough, stain visuals have done soo much

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Cleans stains so easily you can blow them off???

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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has been done in past as well


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Need few lines of copy to understand the ad..

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good idea. understandable for advertising people though, but still - i like it.

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When I first saw this I pictured a dude eating a live chicken and the feathers fell on his shirt. Weird.

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Ads are made to sell products...they are not for only advertising people to understand..with Gualcor's message ( Cleans stains so easily you can blow them off??? ) its clear...

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monoj nath
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What I get as an idea is that the dirt is depicted by the feathers, as a feather removes with a puff. It means too easy to clean...cool :)

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The best one in my sense...
i love this concept, because it speak of the easy side of the product.

FOR MarioLuigi Bros : I think you're not fair :
The visual you show is exactely at the inverse : it (Clorox) shows the origine of the task.
And doesnt speak about the efficacity of the product. (effortless here)
Here i think you are wrong... or, if you are clever, (and i have no doubt on this) not fair ;-)

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I thought that the clothes would be so soft that a bird would like to nest in it. this is wrong.



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simply communicating visual..brand name is they exposing in this ads. no need a copy here

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