Disney: Yoda

Additional credits:

Advertising Agency: Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group
Creative Director: Will Gay
Art Director: Matt Stewart
Copywriter: John McCall
Illustrator: Ed Brown, Lenny Labato
Photographer: Garth Vaughan

May 2010


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Come on...
another Star Wars´ad...?

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I was thinking the same. It's Starwars week, I think. And clearly Ivan is a huge Starwars fan. There are other recent print/online/ambient campaigns that are far more engaging or interesting, yet missing from this site.

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Don't worry, I have no such preference. I post by arriving date. :)

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I think all these ads are boring, the wookie one looks bad, more like harry and the hendersons at disney rather than star wars. The Darth one is ok though. But other than that....

"Never try teaching a pig to sing, its a waste of time and annoys the pig" - Robert Heinlein

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yeah to satr wars.... LOL to the creative director's name... (again i apoligise being a bum when it comes to bad jokes)

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Tommy G.
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very cool job, once again, but I'm not sold for the character's hairs. look not so convincing.

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Ha. funny

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like yoda's expression XD

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