Dislicores: Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard enough. Alcohol makes it harder.

Advertising Agency: Melborp, Medellin, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Santiago Mesa Montoya
Creative Director: Daniel Rueda
Art Directors: Daniel Rueda, Sebastian Pelaez
Copywriters: Camilo Gallon, Camilo Mejia
Account Director: Laura Mendez
Graphic Designers: Marcela Gomez, Juan Fernando Ochoa
Studio: Z Studios

March 2014


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Martin Mac
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Great work, love the idea!

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Pete R.
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Campaign works best for this subject.

Art & Illustration

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Pregnancy is hard enough. Alcohol makes it harder... are you serious? This is logically flawed. An alcoholic lives for the next drink and then add in the circumstances of being pregnant? UmMmmmm! The only way alcohol is hard for a pregnant women is the fact that having a sip doesn't harm her, but that it is harmful to her unborn child and that she has to put off personal satisfaction and gratification over thinking about what is best for her child. Hence, drinking doesn't hurt her. It hurts her child so how does alcohol make it harder for her...

How about you make ads or images that make sense rather than throwing stuff together for the sake of throwing stuff together in order to get kudos on this and other sites...

... Girls Do Design ...

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It's harder because she'll give birth to a baby with birth defects.

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stunning work.

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