Discovery Channel: Dirty Jobs

Discovery Communications:


Advertising Agency: Discovery Communications, Washington DC, USA and RPA, Santa Monica, USA
Creative Director: Stefan Poulos
Associate Creative Director: Andrew Heckel
Art Directors: Alison Medland
Executive Creative Director: David Smith
Creative Director / Art Director: Scott McDonald
Photographer: Roger Hagadone

October 2008


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1857 pencils

monkey pee... my career counselor was right!

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Crisp One
2005 pencils


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Nathan Ugly
18 pencils

Looks like you.

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Fantastic work, well done!!!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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yep, good job!


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owl vomitologist.... :D

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jungle boy
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and i thought my job was dirty...

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Crisp One
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Discovery has turned this guy into such a tool.

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a little more detail for the copy...there are names of jobs.."algae farmer, fish gutter,egg sorter" and then lost among them there are "lunch, duck droppings, monkey pee"...I would have gone for either dirty jobs, or crappy things on him...not both...just for the sake of that I know what's on his face, I'm realy curious to know what's on his shirt...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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Guest commenter

Agreed, choosing just the jobs would have made it much better. Nevertheless I like this ad. It is literal but because of the extreme execution it creates impact and is interesting to look at.

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143 sara
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looks cool but still dirty :D

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they cannot smell better JJAJAJAJAJAJAJA !!!!!!!!!

For better coconut

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nice ad. Now can you imagine if they printed it "Scratch & Sniff"! :)

BE MY GUEST's picture
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Too literal...

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Gotta agree with BE MY GUEST. I feel this is too literal, not lateral enough. There has to be a better way to say this.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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Ever seen the show? This sums it up perfectly, lunch, job descriptions, and all -- and the fact that he does it all with a smile, which is almost his trademark.

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cyntia amus
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All these muck will splatter on all your faces. JJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!!!

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Guest commenter

american style...

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hmmm makes sense the most are plausible jobs done by people but "LUNCH"?? whats dirty about that? if they are referring to being a chef then i wonder why its pointed at his mouth?!

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Guest commenter

Bits of "Lunch" still in his teeth...

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el trabajo está muy bien realizado pero creativamente NO

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I'm an art director at discovery. Any chance you can update this post and give the copywriter credit? Copywriter's name is Andrew Heckel.


Temple's picture
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In a sea of fake ads, at least a real one and a very good one. And that "lunch" detail is brilliant. Well done. Now Ivan, bring us some more flags, before and afters, and vaginas :)

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excellent art!!!!

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Saw this in Rolling Stone this month and it was very disturbing. Too gross to look closely at. I didn't like it.

Funny--that was my gut reaction. If I saw it here first and stopped to think about it, I wonder if I'd have answered differently... ??

jparser's picture

love it!... Saw this on a bus shelter in New York and it stopped me in my tracks, nothing like seeing all of the gooey details larger than life. Checked out the photographer too, good stuff...
I just wonder how all that "dirt" came off?!

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2005 pencils

hey uh..... you got a lil brown wet spot on your nose there jparser

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I think this is a great commercial , bccause in my country , we use the words of "the dirty jobs" to mock or to give sarcastic opinion to our government and it's corruptor.

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funny execution. I could see this doing well on billboards.

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Nice creative with a great execution :)

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Real dirty...! Real art execution.

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Guest commenter

I think "american style" must mean it is possible to understand, its for a real client and it actually ran. I like this ad.

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Nathan Ugly
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Couldn't agree with you more - bbwo-fasurero makes good work like that.

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[not interested]

Ughh... no one would want to end up like this. A perfect way to send shocks and shivers the same way the show does. Eye-poppingly grossingly awesome.

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Guest commenter

I'm sooooo sick of all the over retouched ads out there - finally someone did an ad that doesn't reek of photoshop. When i saw this ad in Rolling Stones I stopped and cheered. I don't know the show but i figure some guy does a lot of dirty work. Discovery is doing some nice stuff lately, (i love shark week, ad).

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Guest commenter

Wow. It's like a slow motion train wreck. Hard to look away. Without the callouts I don't think it would have as much story.

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hey u shold go to smithfild in grayson ky
it is a vary dirty place and i love your show so plase go ther my dad woks ther they make ham and it is good!

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one heck of a job here.

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One of the best work ever seen.

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Not best ever, but surely a brilliant piece! How can you not like Mike Rowe? He's just a lovable character.

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