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nice approach to take selling newspapers. Compelling copy, artful art direction. Notice how the art doesn't imping on the copy.

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dew drops
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ha ha ha
put a smile on my lips.Long copy still works

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Very nice idea and copy! just the placement isn't so well to get the people you want to read it. but screw that ;) like it a lot

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so exhausting, mostly because they totally screwed up the typographic part.
didn't make me want to read it.

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wow thats awesome!

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The Welder

Love the idea, not so hot on the execution (mainly how the copy was written).

Adonis, they're actually selling advertising, not newspapers.

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all that copy!!! is this the newspaper ad or the newspaper itself??? this probably hasn't been done yet 'cause the pic res is very poor. pls rethink before publishing. such a long copy for such an uninteresting story is bound to bore the shit out of people.

no bad feelings, this is just in my opinion. cheer up now and try again!

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