Dirty Granny: Ken

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Director / Art Director: Tom Martin
Creative Director / Copywriter: Julian Schreiber
Account Director: Andrew Fraser
Agency Producer: Mary Darzi
Retoucher: Mike Mccall
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Account manager: Toby Beaumont

November 2012


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2869 pencils


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2869 pencils

and?.... 3 times same idea... for what?

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The concept is undoubtedly lousy. What's all the more lousy is the fact that they're calling it a CAMPAIGN!

It's a dangerous trend that's screwing our industry. Showing the same $#!+ from different different @$$#0|&$ doesn't make it a campaign.

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You hate campaigns doing three times the same ad so you post the same comment three times?
You guys are geniuses;)

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Klara K.
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Too pervy.

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waste of money ?

"Art is my life's satisfaction"

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Roger Keynes
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You guys realise it's actually our beer industry that's kept the Australian economy at #1 in the world, right through the GFC, right?

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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