Directv Plus DVR: Anibal Planet

With Directv Plus DVR, have your own channel.

Advertising School: Asociaión Argentina de Agencias de Publicidad, Argentina
Creative: Ariel Fiorotto


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Jaap Grolleman
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Wouldn't there be some copyright issue?

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Funny, but how can you have your own channel?

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You make your own channel with Directv Pus DVR. It is not so hard to understand.

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I get the heather channel better than I do the Anibal planet. I never knew Anibal was a name. seems like heather is more accessible to me. but feel free to prove me wrong if someone has a life-long friend named anibal.

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It's a cultural thing, over here Anibal is common, my boss is one of them actually

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El beneficio que venden no está claro.

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¿Es tan difícil usar el castellano con propiedad?
¿Que es eso de "armá"?
Suena fatal….
El concepto no está mal pero no es nada del otro mundo: un canal que se puede personalizar..ya está..cambiamos los logos para poner el nombre de la persona que maneja el control remoto. Lo siento pero huele a primera idea (smells like first idea)

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