Directions: Sexual abuse

Every kid on the street has a story. Many of the homeless youth on our streets have escaped from homes filled with abuse and violence. Directions is a 24 hour resource centre where they can find the support and tools they need to get off the streets for good.

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director / Illustrator: Carson Ting
Copywriter: Keri Zierler
Photographer: Lindsay Siu
Print Producer: Sheila Santa Barbara
Studio Artist / Typographer: Jonathon Cesar, Richard Parkes
Account Services: Carrie Panio
Client Supervisor: Garth Astles
Photo Retouching: Jack Griffin Inc., Jonathon Cesar

August 2008


SeanMartin's picture

Nice idea, but her makeup is just a bit too much. She looks more like a small-time hooker than a runaway -- and maybe that's supposed to be the "after story", but it feels shoehorned on.

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

So a girl with makeup is usually a small-time hooker? Wow, what an interesting insight, mister seanmartin

SeanMartin's picture

No, Mister LeeHarvey -- the point is that if you want to create sympathy for your character here, you'd soften the look as much as possible. You wouldnt overemphasize the makeup -- if anything, you'd shoot with as little as possible. Did you miss that particular class in art direction?

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

Sorry teacher, I'm a copywriter.

SeanMartin's picture

Yeah, I noticed. How're those classes coming along, grasshopper?

LeeHarvey's picture
3045 pencils

Haha, finally you're really funny! I can walk on ricepaper now, Master, aren't you proud of me? >;-p

teenquey's picture
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I guess it's her facial expression that is not gloomy or dejected enough. For a second I thought she is smiling.

skeMaMen's picture
428 pencils

And her pants are ripped of with scissors, pretty lame...

>>> Designed to be signed...

vidya.shankaran's picture
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very nice concept but she's got a smug look on her face!

agraciotti's picture
22 pencils

She's too hot to be only "a kid on the street". But nice ad.

slip's picture
919 pencils

is she pouting?


shahidali's picture
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pardon me for saying this, but i think some kids may escape home for fun if they find this ad.
nice try though...


vvhisky's picture
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omg she´s hot

655321's picture
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This art direction is fantastic. One of the most original executions I've seen on this site.

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