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clean, simple and attractive.
great !

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Very fresh idea.

"Everyday is one short life"

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Very nice! this will win for sure

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writingskills that kill

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It has won already... last year ;)

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i think the concept is good... nice execution... although the 'cheese' one looks kinda gross.

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Despite the fast object being made from of food, it's rather a see/say idea. Surprised to hear such acclaim, and that it's an award winner.

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Overstated. A steak cut like a car would be enough.
This campaign pole-vaults over the line.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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i think i must retire from advertising after learning that this is a "great" idea and won awards. it makes me very sad.
in good old times people used to call it BAD, at least (come on, just form anything with anything to say what you want??? Bahhh.)

and i hear "great", "very nice", "cool", "well done", etc etc etc... good for you, but to be very honest, for me it simply sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry.

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do u think the porsche payed for "Dills", cz they indirectly saying that the porsche is a fast car??
or "Dills" payed for porsche???? cz Porsche sucks here :s

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It seems lots of people without good understanding of advertising are commenting. "Great art direction" is taken to be reason enough for an ad to be "good". This is not advertising. How will this help sell the product, if the ad is itself disgusting? What will people think of the brand? What is the image they want to project?

"Oh, those are not our concerns, we have made a ""great"" ad!"


~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I need Dills after viewing this campaign!

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only the concorde is appealing
idea is there, but it's gross

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