Digits: Engineers

A middle school program opening minds to math and science. Figure this. Image that.

Advertising Agency: Arnold
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Associate Creative Directors: Lisa Taylor
Art Director: Jess Ruggieri
Copywriters: Lisa Taylor, Henry Jones
Production Manager: Jim Spadafora
Art Producers: James Adamé
Account Service: Ryan Traeger, Genevieve Dean, Sean Young
Photographer: Jorg Meyer
Illustrator: Nate Williams (Magnet Reps)
Paul Wesley Jackson (Debut Art)
Chris Dent (art-dept)
Jason Murphy (Minds Eye)
Leon Bedore (tes one)
Retouching: Alice Blue


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Well-dressed kid.

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107 pencils

(: nice

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great stuff, James and gang... - scott r

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25 pencils

Nice art, lots of detail . . . Not entirely the strongest. And the "job ad" on the right seems a bit . . . . Distracting from the message. Good overall.

-David Anderson
Designer, Student
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