Dietrich: By plane you see less, 1

Advertising Agency: Grey Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garin
Creative Director: Daniel Fierro
Copywriter: Ana María Tamayo
Art Directors: Juanita Hinestroza, Tomas Duahalde
Client Account Director: Marina Kempny


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I think the idea is nice. But it's hopeless practically. Nobody goes for sightseeing on a plane.

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open your mind... of course nobody does, but it's true that by land you see more stuff duh.

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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Hey, it's also an airline ad: By plane you go faster.

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they don´t it´s just the journey´s start and end.

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Kind of liked it for the communication by the Art Direction. Didn't like it enough though.

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what is more annoying?
a: watching the same ad 3 times
b: reading the same comment 3 times

what is more dangerous?
A: getting killed by a plane crash
b: getting killed by a car crash

which one is more harmful to the site?

a: visiting all these sites by car will consume x amount of fuel
b: visiting only two sites by plane will consume y amount of kerosene

btw: i love the concept

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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great comparison if you're not going abroad. idea is kind cool, but not very camaignable. - you could do a thousand of these, or just one

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i like it

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comparing travel by plane and by car, a bit forced
not a bad idea though

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sí va

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Andrey Vaslit
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Tricky....mmm I think all of them are A), pretty a coincidence, isn't it?
I like something there, don't know how to say it.
But in general, not a great ad for me...

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