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Boony wants a beer
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Why illustration? I reckon it should have been shot. And this exact concept was here a week ago for Reverse Bar. Although in this case it's more relevant to the product I guess.

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Cadbury reverse.

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love it

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it's bit different with reverse bar i guess. lighter than a balloon? i won't this to happen to me :P
btw, thought pepsi always energetic, this is a bit soft.

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Arnold Santillan

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This is totally blatant rip off from cadbury! This is worst than Napoleon a gay!

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I like the simplicity but wonder if it will be taken seriously. I'd like to see the Cadbury's one all the same. Can someone give me a site where I can find it?

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the link for it is right up there in the second comment.

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art direction could have been great but instead falls flat.
and the idea doesn't really work in this one, cos the balloon would float too. Kite works much better.

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This is too literal. Lighter then air. Lighter then feather. These are first thoughts. While the art is nice, it is not relevent in this case as this is not Pepsi Look and feel. And what is the brand preposition? Why would I buy diet pepsi over diet coke? Put any diet product and it would work.

cadbury on the other hand was clever idea unlike this one. It was about 'reverse'.

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drunk dave
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Red Bull gives you wings.

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My thought exactly.

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why should the ballon fall down? doesn't make sense to me at all.

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hi shanky
good to c your work here.
piggy says : hi baauji, the illustration looks great.

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