Global Warming, Great Wall of China

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May 2007

Print advertisment created by Marcel, France for Diesel, within the category: Fashion.

Global warming ready

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative director / Copywriter: Frederic Temin
Art directors: Nicolas Chauvin, Romin Favre
Photographer: Terry Richardson

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A. J. SMITH's picture
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Good old diesel.

It's only an ad.

king chen's picture
king chen
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The idiot, the Great Wall is cannot by the desert flooding, the retarded creativity, does not understand do not do,

A. J. SMITH's picture
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Is doesn't matter whether it could ACTUALLY happen for real, you understand the concept?

Many ads exagerate, you understand the principles this is trying to convey I assume (otherwise you should be hearing alarm bells) so you get that this is an exaggeration?

Try not to take it so literally

It's only an ad.

Andreas TM's picture
Andreas TM
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And you should study a bit of English... Ok, advertising as well...

miko1aj's picture
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and I like that they didn't stop after creating third, fourth, fifth etc... Whole spectrum is beautifully done.

ivan's picture

I was under the impression that part of the Great Wall is already in desert.

itch's picture
Activity Score 806

woahhhhhhhh.. dis piece is really nice..

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

fractalrene's picture
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I saw just a part of this campaign in Archive, quite good isn't it? I like the approach and the photography (on the others executions a lot more than on this one). Creativity is about breaking the paradigm and I just love how this guys used the global warming resource. After all, fashion is vanity, is everything about yourself and how you feel, so scr#w the world.

joelapompe's picture
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creatives are not fred & farid !!! huge mistake here...

ivan's picture

Yes, they already left the agency! :)

Guest's picture

Back off bitch

ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

Beautiful! Love the way they've shown the irreverance of the brand. Awesome photography n finish.

Guest's picture

creo que es una imagen bien lograda, la campaña en general trae conceptos nuevos, surrealistas y cargadas de un ideal global, un problema que empaña a las grandes urbes, asi como tanbien cada individuo de este planeta, eh visto peores cosas en tontas cintas cinematograficas de EU, ahy ta mi humilde opinion... saludos.

jono08's picture

King Chen, can I have some of that Opium after you... Kampaii

Guest's picture

Why is there so much sand?

Guest's picture

u shd notice that her arse is on burning marble please help her guy
its a punishment of her sins

riyelam's picture
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There is a small mistake in the ad.