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is there a reason why we need to see 10 of these?
I mean, they're all shit.
And there's 10 of them. 10.
And they're all shit.

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i'm sure you don't understand what they're all about

come on, boy... think harder... or should i say just think

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That's why we have the thumbs, you can easily skip through them, but I appreciate your time looking through all of them.

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that's my opinion, too! okay, i think, it's a nice, minimalistic typo-graphic, but it's not several! maybe a long wall stucked all over with these posters will make a nice effect, but like this ... oh noo!

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Guest star

minimalistic? they used two clashing fonts and set them as big as possible to make sure that the viewer's eye can't find a point of rest. the line spacing and kerning is just as terrible.
if you want to do a typographic ad you need a typographer.

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I must be missing it but what the hell is this campaign for/against? legalization of what? even the website is vague....

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vague is your thinking, mr. smart

there's a countdown for a develation...

i'll give you a hint
NO FUEL IN MY LIFE.... if there's not fuel, what else could it be?

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I think its pro anarchy, maybe they are against legalization of ANY/EVERY thing. That being said, what HACK with a computer ATTEMPTED to do these. "Step into my office, cuz you're FU**ING FIRED!!!" And yes, "shit" does come to mind, and actually I think I need to wipe myself after looking at these giant piles of feces. Oh, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

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really nice campaign, big up =)

where is it from, ivan?

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Don't know the email didn't say so. I guess it's a teaser for now.

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Ok. I get that this is a teaser campaign but why is up here? The art direction is pedestrian and there is no reveal of the concept. If whomever posted this did so to have people give feedback, just what are we suppose to be giving feedback on?

Should have included the reveal so there is context. As it stands right now it is visually uninteresting and vauge.

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I hope, there will be a clever twist in the revalation.. right now everything exept the bodypaintingthing (the t-shirt stuff is stolen) on youtube sucks ass. if that's something about drugs i'm gonna throw up

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it's for diesel. their new clothing line will be released in 9 days. hopefully along with a better campaign than this.

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If these horrible ads weren't for Diesel would they still be posted here? I think not.

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Abra Cadabra

I understand everyone's vitriol toward the art direction here, but i think these are supposed to look like government posters that were created by government desktop publishers. I could be wrong, but that's the impression i got.

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Abra Cadabra

Actually, i guess they would have been created by some non-profit employed desktop publisher, not the government. My bad. But my point stands.

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these are rubbish. Bad copy.

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"Fuel for Life" is a World Health Organization's campain about "household energy and health".
"No fuel for life" sounds like shit.

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I LOVE them, it's the perfect B campaign after their first one out. Remember the :20 commercials they had showing just a brief moment/ a tease from "most-likely" a bigger sexy story?! All those sexual innuendo messages lead to this SAL(Society Against Legalization) campaign, sorta taking on the against of "risqueness". And when you're trying to go to the website to see "what's going on", it actually turns out to be Diesel's Fuel for Life page.

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