Diesel: Fresh & Bright Superheroes, Naker

Fresh & Bright Superheroes
Mr. Naker
Undresses any woman (in his mind)

Advertising Agency: DoubleYou, Spain
Photographer: Robert Bartholot
Published: December 2010


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Dumbfounded. There's a whole family of these irrelevant creatures: http://www.diesel.com/freshandbright/ with pointless powers (though 'Supperman' and 'Miss Dismiss' are actually funny). Is this going for the nuclear radiation brightness of the 40s via the superhero cheezwhiz of the 50s for a generation who missed everything pre- the 80s?

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Sorry, still feels too close to the Radio Shack holiday campaign.

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Reality Check
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Gets points for oddness. Excellence is another matter.

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My favorite one was "Mr. Whattheheckareyoutalkingabout." Actually though, after visiting the site, it's a pretty cool deal. It's a bit off the wall, but so are a $26 pair of briefs.

RE: RadioShack comment, nothing like the Shack. The art direction is inconveniently similar but these are divergent ideas.

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jajajaj my favorite.. its the funny... congrats for this campain

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So smart.......it keeps diesel scence...

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